New Hyundai Tucson hit spy photos

New Hyundai Tucson hit spy photos

October 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Hyundai talked a lot about the next generation Tucson.

In most cases, when you ask a car manufacturer a question about a future product, you get an automatic “We do not discuss future products” or a short “No comment”. Hyundai, on the other hand, is the antipode leading to the discovery of information. about the next generation of Tucson in 2021, spreading bits of information here and there. The latest information came from a What Car interview with Andrew Tuatahi, Hyundai’s product planning manager, where he calls the Tucson “very interesting visually.” Sang Jupe Lee, vice president of styling at the Hyundai Design Center, also commented on the new Tucson.

Tuatahi further says that the style and design of the car will be the “biggest change” for the model and will receive materials used in accordance with the Hyundai Santa Fe. Tucson will receive an update to its internal layout and configuration, adding a dashboard and new entertainment controls.

What is interesting is that Tucson is not so old. The fourth generation of the car appeared in the 2015 model year. Over the past four years, there have been many changes with cars, so have the wishes of customers. The new version of Tucson will have the standard security features that customers expect.

Spy photos reveal that the Tucson 2021 is trying to hide its new design, but even camouflage cannot help hide it all. The test machines that our spy photographers noticed have an unusual lattice design with thin slit bulbs pushed to the top by the corners of the Cascade vertical lattice. Additional lighting elements are located in the bumper. This foreground design is similar to the Palisade, Venue and Santa Fe models, although it seems that Tucson will have its own version of the design.

Since Hyundai reveals information about the new Tucson, there is information that the manufacturer keeps secret. Tuatahi was unable to tell which platform the new Tucson will ride on, which could give a hint of the possibility of future hybrid powertrains. Instead, we will have to wait for the show, which is scheduled for next year.