New hybrid engines from Daimler and Geely to arrive in 2024

New hybrid engines from Daimler and Geely to arrive in 2024

June 10, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Back in the fall of last year, Daimler and Geely announced the development of new hybrid engines, which will be the cornerstone of a new batch of compact cars, as well as all engines of the Chinese giant. Now it became known when they will be born.

The first fruits of the alliance between Daimler and Geely should be expected by 2024. This will happen aboard the next generation Mercedes A-Class, which will go on sale in 2025. The model will change her platform, abandoning MFA 2 and moving to MMA. The German firm unveiled this particular architecture for electric vehicles late last year, although it can be used for hybrid vehicles as well.

Thanks to the new architecture, there will be new three and four-cylinder engines and will be installed in the front compartment of hybrid models and plug-in hybrids. They will be able to run on gasoline, hydrogen and even synthetic fuels.

The concept of these engines is special, which will allow the alliance to abandon the current configuration, in which the electric motor is located between the internal combustion engine and the automatic transmission. A new phase will open in the middle of the decade with plug-in hybrid technology in the compact lineup.

The aim is to keep fuel consumption and emissions as low as possible with an electric dominance.

Thus, the thrusters will be used to support the rear electric motor mounted on the front axle as a range extender along with a generator to generate electricity that powers the rear engine. The front motor will also be able to recharge the installed battery, which will receive a lower capacity given the additional support of this propeller.

Since the goal is to achieve maximum efficiency, the combustion engine will only run on its own in two cases: when the battery charge is so low that the electric motor is not running, and when a certain speed is exceeded. For example, between 100 and 120 km / h.