New Honda Civic first appeared as a hatchback

New Honda Civic first appeared as a hatchback

January 6, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The eleventh-generation Honda Civic was spotted with British body style after a prototype sedan was shown last year.

The Japanese automaker is gearing up for the next generation of its Honda Civic next year, and new spy shots showcase the hatchback’s body style for the first time. The images came a few weeks after Honda first unveiled the Civic sedan prototype. The five-door hatchback is expected to hit the market in the second half of 2022.

The camouflaged prototype, registered and tested in Germany, has a front fascia identical to the sedan. However, it features a fastback sloped roof. The new car seems to be stripped of the spoiler that has cut the rear window over the past three generations and has caused a lot of controversy. There are narrower lights at the rear, while the fake deflectors and diffuser of the modern Civic are completely absent.

The teaser image of the sedan’s interior, which will be carried over to the hatchback, also shows a more minimalist approach to design than the current model. A one-piece strip of air vents runs the entire length of the dashboard, and the climate control knobs show Honda hasn’t ditched the physical switchgear yet.

Details about the stuffing of the new Civic are scarce at this stage. What is really known is that Honda plans to electrify its main lineup in Europe by 2022, which means that every Civic (except the 2022 Type R) will use the e: HEV petrol-electric powertrain variant.

Found in Jazz and CR-V, e: HEV disconnects the petrol engine from the wheels in hybrid mode, using it as a generator for the electric motor, and reconnects it to a single speed (non-CVT) automatic transmission only at higher loads. In Jazz, this unit produces a total of 107 hp. and 253 Nm, but in the Civic, these values ​​will increase significantly.

It is currently unclear where the new model will be built. Honda’s Swindon plant, which makes the current Civic, will be closed later this year. According to preliminary information, production of the model will return to Japan (the Civic sedan is being built in North America and Canada), allowing the UK to take advantage of its recently concluded trade agreement with Japan.