New hatchback Audi A3 passed “moose test”

New hatchback Audi A3 passed “moose test”

November 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Specialists of the Spanish agency 77km decided to bring the new hatchback Audi A3 to the “moose test”. The corresponding video on Thursday, November 19, the publication posted on its Youtube channel.

The first time, the tester was unable to successfully complete the test at 77 km / h. Several subsequent tests have shown that the driver is unable to overcome the intended trajectory without blots at speeds over 72 km / h.

The increased pace caused the car to hit the cones bounding the corridor. Even after a specialist studied the possible reactions of the hatch, it was not possible to cope with understeer. According to testers, high-speed steering results in unpleasant feelings for the driver due to the heaviness of the steering wheel.

Experts believe that the slipping of a car after exceeding a certain speed threshold is not due to the suspension settings, but to the tires: the test Audi A3 Sportback has Bridgestone Turanza tires. In turn, it is noted that, despite the knocked down cones, the behavior of the car remained predictable.

In addition, it was recently reported that the tuning company Mansory has upgraded the Audi RS Q8 crossover. It should be emphasized that the tuned German car has improved not only aerodynamics, but also downforce.