New GWM POER pickup truck will receive a rich set of safety features

New GWM POER pickup truck will receive a rich set of safety features

October 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

World renowned SUV and pickup truck maker GWM has announced that it will launch a new POER pickup truck for markets in Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Chile.

The newest car will receive an expanded package of security systems with elements of artificial intelligence. It is noted that the main advantage of the model in comparison with competitors is the introduction of intelligent security tools.

Note, earlier it was announced that the pickup will receive the Lane Keep Assist / LKA (lane keeping) and Lane Departure Warning / LDW (road markings tracking) systems. In addition, the equipment list will include Cross Traffic Alert / CTA (intersection approach warning), Autonomous Emergency Braking / AEB (autonomous emergency braking), and Intelligent Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčAssistance / ISA (intelligent speed control).

Thanks to this equipment, both the level of convenience of driving and the overall level of safety are increased. What specific configurations will enter the markets will be known closer to the start of sales and will be presented by the regional representative offices of the brand.

Recall that the Chinese brand GWM recently announced itself as a transnational manufacturer of technical vehicles. Thanks to the introduction of technological innovations, the brand can produce high-quality and technological products. coordinating the supply chain, collecting information and integrating equipment to fully realize the potential of smart manufacturing.