New Great Wall Pao pickups have caused a real stir

New Great Wall Pao pickups have caused a real stir

December 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Great Wall company introduced a new line of Great Wall Pao pickups to the home market at the end of October. But to our country, as expected, the new product can reach next year.

Great Wall dealers in China have placed over 16,000 orders for Great Wall Pao pickups in the first 30 days alone. And at the end of last month, the 10,000th pickup truck rolled off the assembly line. The rush demand, which immediately began to use the new product, experts at Autohome explain it with its striking appearance, affordable price tag and technical component. A pickup truck based on the Haval H9 platform may have a standard or elongated body. So, the parameters of the base Great Wall Pao are as follows: length 5,410 mm, width 1,934 mm, height 1,886 mm, wheelbase 3,230 mm. The dimensions of the cargo platform are 1520x1520x538 mm. An extended pickup is much larger: 5602x1883x1882 mm.

Under the hood of the novelty is a two-liter 190-horsepower turbo engine, combined with a six-speed “mechanics” or 8AKPP from ZF. Budget versions of the pickup get rear-wheel drive, for an extra charge a plug-in 4WD with differential lock is available.

 The list of available options includes ABS and a stabilization system, 2-zone climate control, modern multimedia with a large touchscreen, a panoramic sunroof, all-round video surveillance cameras, as well as a leather-trimmed interior.

Great Wall Pao pricing starts at 95,800 yuan. The upper price limit is 159,800 yuan.