New Genesis G90 spotted in winter tests

New Genesis G90 spotted in winter tests

February 11, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Genesis has brought the flagship G90 sedan to winter trials. The model will be an excellent competitor to German premium brands.

Renowned carmakers are updating their offerings in the full-size luxury sedan segment to cover whatever remains of a customer base that has yet to move to SUVs. Mercedes recently unveiled the next-generation S-Class, Lexus has updated its LS, BMW is testing the new 7-Series, and Audi is preparing an interim restyling for the A8.

Hyundai’s premium division, Genesis, is also working on its flagship car, preparing the next G90 to debut. Seen for testing in the cold, the large charged sedan has completely lost the upper half of the body mask. Several changes can already be noted in this area, including the recently introduced tiny fixed glass sections behind the A-pillars and C-pillars.

The beltline gradually begins to rise where the tailgate handles are located to meet the small rear window. As for the door handles themselves, Genesis put an extra layer of camouflage on them. This may have been done to hide the completely new handle design, as there is reason to believe the G90 will have hiding handles that stay flush with the doors when not in use. By the way, Mercedes-Benz took a similar approach to the W223 model.

The refreshed G90 is expected to fully embrace the Genesis design theme, including split headlights. The new layout is impossible to fully see due to the dense camouflage, but for the top model it makes sense to adopt the new look implemented in the smaller models of the line. A special feature of the prototype, seen on a frozen lake in Sweden, were special wheels with impressively intricate designs showing Genesis signature brake calipers up front.

Photo spies were unable to look inside the cabin, but in some of the pictures you can see the new layout of the dashboard with fully digital displays located side by side and placed behind a single glass. The next G90 is believed to be the company’s technological breakthrough, offering a Level 3 certified autonomous driving system. In addition, it will be available with air suspension for the first time.

Genesis is expected to unveil the new G90 by the end of the year, with the luxury sedan arriving in South Korea’s domestic market before being introduced to other countries. According to preliminary information, the 5.0-liter V8 engine will survive to the next generation. It is possible that the brand is planning on releasing a lengthened version that rivals the Maybach, such as the one launched locally a couple of years ago.