New generation Toyota RAV4 sets sales records

New generation Toyota RAV4 sets sales records

May 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Sales at home for the Japanese car model for the model more than doubled the expected demand.

The Japanese company Toyota spoke about the sales of the new generation of the RAV4 crossover in the home car market. Data was published on Sunday, May 10. After the fifth generation, the manufacturer counted on increased interest in it – it was expected to sell about 3 thousand copies per month and 36 thousand per year.

However, real demand turned out to be twice as much – at the end of March, the car sold 6,286 units. Even the coronavirus epidemic did not affect sales. Most experts do not see anything surprising in such high rates, as the new RAV4 has a number of advantages.

 Among them, one can single out a combination of brutal and stylish design, as always high reliability and reasonable cost – 3 million yen.

 At the same time, Toyota RAV4 sales in the global car markets are also at a high level. This allowed the car to take second place in terms of sales in the SUV segment and first in terms of revenue. These indicators were also influenced by special offers in force in March.

However, it became known that the Toyota Corolla will receive a sports modification. The car will be available with two power plants – atmospheric and hybrid.