New generation Opel Insignia will turn into a crossover

New generation Opel Insignia will turn into a crossover

December 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Using the cross-version, the manufacturer expects to increase sales of the model. In foreign media you can already find exclusive images of new items.

Opel is going to radically change the shape of the Insignia model, making it look like today’s popular crossovers. This writes the British edition of Auto Express, citing managing director of Vauxhall Motors and Opel Ireland, Stefan Norman. According to him, the new Insignia may become a logical continuation of the SUV, because sooner or later this segment will survive the transformation under the influence of consumer demand. At the same time, Mr. Norman noted that the Opel Insignia will undergo the most significant changes than any other model in the history of the brand.

There are no details about the new Opel / Vauxhall project yet. Auto Express experts suggest that the Opel Insignia 2022 model year will be a kind of hybrid crossover and minivan. If this assumption is confirmed, then the main rival of the future news will be Renault Espace, which is popular in the European market.

The automaker decided to transform the Insignia due to a drop in sales in the D-segment: every year Europeans look less and less at large family cars.

 It is expected that the new Insignia will be based on the EMP2 platform from Groupe PSA, and in its longest modification. Nodes and assemblies from GM will not be new. But the motor range the new Opel Insignia can borrow from the Peugeot and Citroen models. The next Opel Insignia will be on sale no earlier than 2022. But the brand may organize the public premiere of the new product at the end of 2021.