New Ford seat technology borrowed from running shoe manufacturers

New Ford seat technology borrowed from running shoe manufacturers

November 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ford decided to produce upholstery for its seats using the new technology of seamless 3D-weaving. This way, which opens up wide opportunities for personalization, the brand “spied” on shoe manufacturers.

Ford intends to expand the personalization capabilities of its automotive interiors with the new seamless 3D weaving technology that is now used to make seat upholstery. This technology is called 3D Knitting. Today, it is quite actively used by manufacturers of running shoes, as well as clothing and furniture. It gives a greater flight of design imagination, and also reduces production time and waste, because here you do not need to cut and stitch individual pieces of fabric.

 In addition, equipment for such weaving allows you to take threads from different materials: wool, silk, polyester or carbon fiber.

 Upholstery created in this way will take the form of a chair and will not fold. At the request of the buyer, the front and rear row seats can be decorated in different colors and with different graphics. In the near future, Ford is going to use seamless weaving to create fabrics with integrated buttons, sensors and even chargers for gadgets.

Recall that earlier our portal talked about how Ford makes floor mats for its cars from plastic bottles. Thus, the brand takes care of the environment.