New Ford Mustang may be introduced earlier than anticipated

New Ford Mustang may be introduced earlier than anticipated

February 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Ford is currently selling the sixth generation of its Mustang. However, it was introduced back in 2015. While there is no official information, but insiders were able to get new details about a possible update date.

Only recently has a special “charged” version of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 been launched. And this means that the model in dynamic and power characteristics has already reached its maximum, if we talk about factory variations. In addition, the sixth generation has been on sale since 2015, and during this time several restylings have passed. Therefore, the logical question arises as to when the update will take place.

 Thanks to active users of the Mustang6G forum, it became known that the serial version of the seventh generation of the Mustang will be presented in 2022 as a model year 2023 car. According to preliminary information, the novelty has the internal name S650.

 Information has not yet been confirmed, and obtained from indirect data. One eyewitness managed to see documents on hiring employees to work on the current version of the Mustang S550, which will end in 2022. Moreover, the same document reported a further transition to work on the preparation of the S650 project.

No details yet. It is assumed that at the time of launch, the seventh-generation Ford Mustang coupe and cabriolet will receive only hybrid installations. Full electric versions may appear later. And whether it will be in the lineup with only ICE is still unknown.

Meanwhile, the trunk of the Ford Mustang Mach-E crossover turned into a festive table. Ford showed one of the options for using the front trunk of an electric SUV, filling it with shrimp and chicken wings.