New Ford Bronco: Frame SUV with a 7-speed manual transmission

New Ford Bronco: Frame SUV with a 7-speed manual transmission

October 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Ford Bronco logo

The closer the premiere of the new Bronco, the more information about it leaks to the press. This week it became known that the SUV will receive a unique manual transmission.

America, and the whole world, with bated breath, are waiting for the new Ford Bronco, which can shame such modern off-road titans as the Jeep Wrangler, Suzuki Jimny and Mercedes-Benz G-class. The car was officially announced in March of this year, a picture on which the upcoming novelty is covered with a dirty bedspread. The angular features of the future SUV in the spirit of the legendary ancestor come from the 60s, and the location of the puffy wheel arches makes it possible to make a fairly reliable prediction that the new Bronco, like the models of the past, will receive a three-door body.

On the technical stuffing the new Bronco has not yet been officially announced, but if you believe the numerous leaks, it will be an uncompromising frame SUV with excellent geometric cross. Continuous bridges and differential differential locks are expected. There is no information about the type of all-wheel drive: it can be a good but reliable part-time, it can be with a center differential, or it can be automatically connected by a clutch, like in some modifications of the latest generation Wrangler.

This week, the Jalopnik edition, citing its own sources, reported that the new Bronco will receive a 7-speed manual MTI550, which Getrag began to develop in 2015. This box is positioned as a modular, suitable for different types of cars with a longitudinal arrangement of the power unit, including all-wheel drive, that is, installation of distribution is provided. The transmission range is 8: 1, the maximum allowable torque is 550 Nm.

Why did Bronco need a “seven-step”? It is possible to ensure that the driver had at hand an “ultrashort” first gear that could be used instead of a subman. The automatic transmission of Bronco, too, will certainly (without it entering the American market is completely pointless), but what type is still unknown. Ford has officially announced that Bronco will fall into the number of models subject to mandatory electrification, but did not specify exactly what it will be. It is not excluded that for Bronco they will build an electromechanical automatic transmission in the style of Transcend of the Jaguar Land Rover company, thanks to which the new Land Rover Defender will do without a reduction gear at all!

The official premiere of the new Bronco may take place as early as mid-January next year at the Detroit Auto Show. Also in the Ford plans there is a compact crossover in the Bronco style, but on the passenger platform of the new Focus – such a machine can take a place on the model line a step above the Coogee. Both models evoke a keen interest among fans of the Ford brand in Russia, so hopefully the American company will bring them to us.