New Fiat Strada pickup image posted

New Fiat Strada pickup image posted

March 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Fiat has released a new image of the next compact Strada truck, which makes it clear what its rear end will look like.

The Fiat Brazilian decides to introduce the new Strada model step by step. The brand does not immediately release the full appearance of the new pickup, but instead sends out a new car image every few days. This new image shows the back of a car.

The rear of the new Strada also bears a strong resemblance to the rear of the four-door Toro pickup, which is already on the Fiat price list in Brazil. Strada gets taillights that are very similar to those of his older brother, although they are one size smaller. Another notable difference is the back door itself.

While two doors provide access to the bodywork on the Toro, the new Strada has a hinged valve with a handle in the center above the large Fiat logo. It is worth noting that at present the Strada is presented with an extended version of the body, which is used for the first time on this car, however the pickup will also receive a two-door version with a short cab.

In Brazil, compact passenger car-based pickups are relatively popular. Volkswagen sells Saveiro, while Renault has a Duster in the list of orders with a cargo platform in the form of the Oroch model.