New Fiat 500e electric car passed moose test

New Fiat 500e electric car passed moose test

May 2, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The “moose test” is used to check how quickly the car is able to react to obstacles that suddenly appear on the road. The Fiat 500e performed well in difficult conditions.

Fiat 500e test video published by Km77. The new-generation Fiat 500 subcompact hatchback copes well with the first test at 74 km / h. A hit cone looks more like a driver error.

The car seems to be very balanced in all phases of the maneuver – understeer is felt, but overall this is a very good result for a road car. While there was a foul at the start of the first test, 500e eventually finished the test without blunders.

For such a miniature car, this is an impressive result. The Fiat shown in the video is fitted with 205/45 R17 Continental ContiEcoContact6 tires – tires where efficiency beats performance.

Although other tests at higher speeds have shown insufficient traction on the front axle, it is clear that this is a very difficult situation for any vehicle.

The final slalom test gave very similar results as the “moose test”: the electric car was able to maintain its composure at a speed of about 70 km / h. Overall, the Fiat 500e’s test results are average. There were cars that coped with the “moose test” better, and there were those who frankly failed it.

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