New electric Jaguar will surpass Tesla Model 3

New electric Jaguar will surpass Tesla Model 3

August 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new compact electric Jaguar looks likely to sit in the manufacturer’s lineup between sedan and SUV, and our exclusive images show what a production model might look like.

One of the biggest challenges that new Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bollore will have to tackle when he starts work next month is figuring out what to do with Jaguar. Contenders for the CEO’s post came up with a variety of ideas, from destroying or selling the brand in order to focus on Land Rover, to closing the Castle Bromwich plant and moving production overseas. But Bollora has the most ambitious plan ahead of him, with Jaguar becoming an all-electric brand that rivals the likes of Tesla and Polestar. Central to this plan is a compact model designed to outperform the Model 3.

While the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace is showing excellent sales results, Jaguar has confirmed that the successor to the XJ flagship sedan, due to arrive next year, will also be fully electric. Bromwich Castle will be home to electrified Jaguar models, which will also house the J-Pace large electric SUV and a new, as-yet-unnamed, more road-focused Range Rover.

But this prospect of Jaguar’s smaller EVs is most exciting and relevant. The new compact car is likely to be an all-electric replacement for the XE sedan, which saw sales plummet nearly 28% in the last fiscal year, leading to a radical overhaul to boost demand.

The plan to create a more compact, electrified Jaguar received support at the board level. JLR CTO Nick Rogers said a small electric Jaguar would be a great solution. Jaguar Chief Design Officer Julian Thomson, a fan of smaller cars, also noted that as he reflected on what was happening in the world, he came to the conclusion that he would like to make cars that are smaller, more efficient and have all the qualities inherent in Jaguar. beautiful in appearance, with a fantastic interior.

The all-electric powertrain is said to be in line with Jaguar’s spirit of sporty luxury, delivering superior performance and sophistication. The new MLA platform will also provide the brand with a cost-effective way to electrify the rest of Jaguar’s lineup, with the priority given to replacing the E-Pace and F-Pace SUVs. However, both of these models expect significant updates in the coming months that bring plug-in hybrid versions of existing vehicles with them to further propel Jaguar towards an electric future.

Moreover, the company will not be satisfied with what has already been achieved. There were rumors of an even smaller, electrified Jaguar that could emerge as a result of JLR’s increasingly close ties with BMW. Both manufacturers have already agreed to work together on electric powertrains, and this is expected to extend to ICEs. The agreement could go in the direction of platform sharing, which will reduce development costs and allow Jaguar to create an all-electric hatchback or a smaller crossover, similar in size to the BMW 1 Series or X2.

One of the most difficult decisions for the new leader will be the replacement of the F-Type sports car. Many Jaguar executives, including Thomson, believe it is important for Jaguar to have a sports car in its lineup. However, the market for cars such as the F-Type and Porsche 911 is shrinking and more profit can be made on other electrified models. With Bollore planning to focus more on Jaguar’s market share and profitability, the sports car may well be something that he finds it difficult to justify. Just over 6,000 F-Type units were sold in the last fiscal year, making it the second-worst Jaguar model after the XJ.