New electric hypercar Lotus “blow your brain”

New electric hypercar Lotus “blow your brain”

May 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A few weeks ago, the British automaker Lotus announced a joint project with the Formula 1 Williams racing team aimed at creating a special electric hypercar – Type 130.

According to CEO Lotus Popam, the novelty should restore the company’s reputation as a sports car manufacturer.

It is planned that the new product will become “a stunning hypercar, which is drawn, designed and built in the UK to blow your brain”, and at the same time help the brand to gain strength to go beyond the production of sports cars, expanding further the line with GT models, sports sedans and crossovers.

At the moment, the technical characteristics of the model are kept in the strictest secret, but according to Lotus, the Type 130 name is special for the brand, as many famous Lotus cars used the “Type” prefix — for example, Type 14 and Type 72, which became the most successful Formula One car. 1 for the company.

But in order to build an electric hypercar, Lotus will have to make compromises with itself, because the original philosophy of the brand was to create lightweight sports cars, while lithium-ion batteries in any case create additional weight. As for the presentation of the Type 130, it will take place in mid-2019.