New electric car Estrema Fulminea will be presented on May 13

New electric car Estrema Fulminea will be presented on May 13

May 8, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The novelty will be released under the logo of the young firm Automobili Estrema. It was founded by Italian businessman Gianfranco Pizzuto, who was previously a shareholder and distributor of Fisker vehicles in the European market.

The Estrema Fulminea electric car can accelerate to 320 km / h in less than ten seconds. Therefore, they called it “lightning fast” in translation from Italian. And the new hypercar will receive a 100 kWh solid-state battery from Belgian engineers from ABEE. Both firms have already announced a partnership.

As for the hypercar itself, it could reach the assembly line in 2023. The design of the novelty was declassified on the first teasers back in February. Now new images of Estrema Fulminea have appeared on the Web, and the real interior of the supercar is promised to be shown on May 13, the day of the premiere of the novelty.

The Fulminea presentation will take place at the Turin Automobile Museum. Moreover, the Italians have already revealed some of the details.

So, it is known that the supercar will receive four electric motors at once, and the total output of such a power plant will be 2040 hp. And the novelty will also get supercapacitors that guarantee the hypercar rapid acceleration.

Without recharging, such a high-performance electric car will travel about 520 kilometers.

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