New details on the first Fisker electric pickup

New details on the first Fisker electric pickup

February 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A couple of minutes ago it became known that the first electric pickup in the history of the American company Fisker, could be called Alaska. A photograph posted on Twitter by the head of the company showed the back of the truck, but the tweet was soon deleted.

It becomes clear that in the world of electric vehicles, the next stage of development is electric pickups. An example of this trend is the message from Henrik Fisker, published on his page on the social network Twitter, which shows the back of what is supposedly called a pickup truck Fisker Alaska. Don’t look for this post on Twitter because it was deleted shortly after we saw it, but we managed to take a couple of screenshots before it disappeared.

 Was a Twitter post a mistake? Henrik Fisker is a responsible person, and this tweet was posted on his official account.

It is noteworthy that after some time, company officials said that the published tweet was “unintentional” and “cannot confirm either the name of the model or the intention to create such a car.”

Nevertheless, the company has confirmed that work is actually being done on the previously announced modular electric platform, and this may serve as the basis for “several different available electric car models of the company in the future.”

 In any case, this is just the second time the company begins to mention an electric pickup truck, but apart from its name – Alaska, there is nothing more to say about the new product. Likewise, nothing is known about when such a truck can appear on the market or how much it can cost.

Most likely, the new product will be similar to the Fisker Ocean SUV. The latter made its debut last month at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show with a power reserve of 482.8 km and a starting price of $ 37,499. The production of new items will not begin until next year, and the first deliveries are not expected until 2022.