New Daihatsu Taft getting ready for production

New Daihatsu Taft getting ready for production

April 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

At the end of last year, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Daihatsu introduced several “crazy” key cars, among which was a micro-SUV that could become serial: the Taft concept.

Daihatsu is now showing off the production version of Taft, ready for production. The green key car is almost identical to the concept introduced in Tokyo last year. The most striking difference is the lower edge of the front bumper: the show car here had a silver part, which was an imitation of a frame plate. The front of the blue Taft dispenses with a false radiator grill placed between the green brother headlights. Japanese manufacturers often supply two outwardly different versions of their key cars, the usual version with a more pronounced design.

Daihatsu is busy restoring old model names. At the beginning of 2019, Daihatsu returned the Rocky model name to a crossover with a relatively soft appearance. His ancestor in 1974 was a very compact all-terrain vehicle in the style of cars, which was discontinued in the mid-eighties. In any case, his name comes back this year on a kei car with an angular body trimmed with details similar to an SUV.

Taft, like the concept, is equipped with a 660 cc gasoline engine. cm, which will be available both with and without turbocharging. When creating the Taft, Daihatsu focuses on cars such as the new generation Suzuki Hustler with its narrow high and semi-off-road design. Then, of course, there is Jimny, which also exists in Japan with a small turbocharged engine. This option meets the requirements of kei cars in Japan and therefore can be regarded as a competitor to the new Taft, although Jimny seems to be a more off-road model.