New crossover Hyundai Venue presented in the back of a convertible

New crossover Hyundai Venue presented in the back of a convertible

May 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Independent designers from the company X-Tomi have published a render for the compact South Korean crossover Hyundai Venue in the version with an open top. Of course, this car looks very strange, but as a visualization it can be said that it is a good job.

Crossover in the back of a convertible – such cars have always seemed to me very strange, inconspicuous or something. The massive body of the crossover and the convertible roof – all together it does not look attractive. But unfortunately, designers of the largest automotive companies do not think so. It all started with the concept of the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet, which was positioned by the manufacturer as “the world’s first four-wheel-drive crossover convertible.” At the moment, such models have demonstrated the British Land Rover and German Volkswagen.

Wait a minute to blame for the bad taste and the South Korean company Hyundai – the render presented here belongs to an independent designer from the X-Tomi team. The guys from Hungary decided to present the newest Hyundai Venue crossover as a two-door crossover with a convertible top.

If you think that the process of creating a roofless version from an ordinary car is a simple task, then I hasten to inform you that you are greatly mistaken. The authors of this render have changed the rear side panels – in the usual version of the Hyundai Venue crossover they have rear doors. Now in their place are body panels.

Despite the fact that there are four seats in this imaginary car, as is often the case in cabriolets, the rear row of seats is so small that it can be useful only for carrying small baggage.

Finally, I note that there has not yet been official statements from Hyundai that they are going to release the Venue compact crossover in the open-top version. I really hope that we will never see such a “handsome” one on the roads!