New crossover from the Chinese brand Landwind

New crossover from the Chinese brand Landwind

November 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Landwind brand is a joint project of Changan and Jiangling companies, it was created in 2005. All over the world, the brand became famous after the X7 crossover, which turned out to be an almost complete copy of the Range Rover Evoque. Last year, the X2 SUV appeared in the Landwind line, and in 2018, the Xiaoyao cross, which looks like Mercedes-Benz GLA, reached the Chinese dealers.

But the expansion of the model range did not help the brand to stop the decline in sales: in 2017, 42,544 Landwind vehicles were sold in the Celestial Empire, which is almost half the figure for 2016, and in January-September this year, demand decreased by another 37.5% to 17,439 units. For comparison, only in September 2018, Changan sold about 75,000 cars in China. In order to revive sales, Landwind is preparing to launch a new crossover on the market, in the design of which the features of other models are guessed, but still this SUV cannot be called “one hundred percent plagiarism”. Photos of new items without any camouflage published a local edition of Autohome.

Cross is still known by the internal E315 index. Head optics were made in the style of the last Hyundai Santa Fe and the Baojun 510 and Baojun 530 SUVs, but the feed and the interior of the new Landwind model are original. By the way, some Chinese media report that the design of the E315 was developed by the GFG Style atelier, founded by the famous Giorgetto Giugiaro with his son Fabrizio, but there is no exact data on this matter yet.

On the “stuffing” of the new crossover is also unknown. It is possible that the range of SUV will include engines that are equipped with other current Landwind crossovers. For example, the Evoque clone – X7 – is available with a 1.5 GTDI petrol “turbocharger” with 163 hp, and Landwind Xiaoyao is also offered with the same engine. For the last cross, a licensed Mitsubishi 1.5 turbo engine (150 hp) is also provided. Landwind X2 in China can be bought with an 1.6 liter engine (125 hp) from Changan (X2 is built on the basis of the former Changan CS35). The drive of all the Landwind crossovers listed is only front.

Landwind E315 will be available next year. Most likely, this model will be more expensive than the “clones”: the Landwind X2 cross today costs from 63,800 yuan, the Landwind Xiaoyao price is from 76,900 yuan, and the Landwind X7 will cost at least 129,800 yuan.