New cross Volkswagen Atlas Coupe completely declassified before debut

New cross Volkswagen Atlas Coupe completely declassified before debut

April 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German concern is actively preparing for the debut of the new model. A public demonstration of the model is due to take place at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 16th. Now the model is completely declassified, including interior design.

For the first time, live photos of the new Volkswagen Teramont Coupe appeared on the Web. We have previously seen photos of the body from all possible angles, but now there are detailed photos of the living specimen. Unfortunately (fortunately for us), the company failed to keep the intrigue until April 16, when the car should have been officially presented.

Judging by the photos of the foreign edition of Autohome, the model still receives some differences from the standard version. To be more precise, the coupe version will be complemented by a sporty style due to the new steering wheel, another instrument panel, a slightly revised center console with a climate control unit, as well as trim materials.

The cross-coupe length is 134 mm shorter than that of a conventional Teramont and is 4,905 mm, height is 1,719 mm (-54 mm), width is 1,989 mm, and the wheelbase is 2,980 mm. In the design of the exterior, you can see a narrower head optics, other bumpers and a sloping roof.

The model is designed for the market of the Middle Kingdom and will cost from 330,000 yuan