New city van Renault EZ-FLEX

New city van Renault EZ-FLEX

April 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Renault presented a subcompact commercial van EZ-FLEX at the Paris exhibition VivaTech, which can be seen on the streets of European cities soon.

VivaTech exhibition is devoted to startups in various areas of the national economy, and it was here that Renault decided to hold a presentation of the EZ-FLEX van for some reason – probably because in a sense it is also a startup, namely an experimental innovative model. Despite the specific, if not clumsy appearance, the EZ-FLEX is not a concept, but a very real car, which will even be released in small editions (the capacity is not specified) and leased to European transport companies so that they would test the car for a long time. and give feedback. Based on the data obtained, a mass delivery van will be created, which anyone can purchase. But the conceptual reference point for the EZ-FLEX was still the concept, namely, the EZ-PRO unmanned aerial vehicle, shown last fall at the IAA freight transport exhibition in Hanover.

The essence of the idea is this: in the coming decades, the urban population will grow, Internet commerce will reach unheard of, and the majority of purchases will be made online, and therefore, someone must deliver the ordered goods to consumers. EZ-FLEX trucks should handle this task. They, of course, are electric, the power reserve per charge is 100 km, but for a daily shift this is more than enough, because according to statistics, the urban “carts” of delivery services pass an average of only 50 km per day. The speeds of movement in this segment are small, and therefore the developers did not bother with the aerodynamics of the EZ-FLEX body – they made a box 3.86 m long, 1.65 m wide and 1.88 m high, capable of holding 3 cubic meters of cargo. Pay attention to the small width: thanks to her, EZ-FLEX will squeeze even into the narrowest medieval streets of old cities.

EZ-FLEX does not have autopilot, as the European authorities are not yet ready to transfer control of the machines to artificial intelligence. The driver’s place is minimalist, and the screen of the integrated work computer dominates it, where professional logistic applications can be installed. There is a passenger seat, but it is optional and is folded by default, since it is assumed that only a courier driver will travel to EZ-FLEX.

The test operation of the EZ-FLEX on European roads will last two years, after which it can be reborn as a new Kangoo, which, by the way, already has an electrical version.

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