New Chevrolet Corvette will receive an active front splitter

New Chevrolet Corvette will receive an active front splitter

March 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the published patent application, a splitter located under the front bumper will be able to automatically change its position in space in order to optimize the air flow.

The American concern General Motors, which includes Chevrolet, has filed a patent for an active front splitter. It is noteworthy that the sports coupe Chevrolet Corvette is used as a model on the published images. Thus, these images can be a hint that such a “smart” splitter will be available on a new generation of mid-engine models. These images were provided by the Mid-Engine Corvette edition, for which a special thank you to them.

Judging by this patent, along with the usual splitter, the car will have a second movable splitter, which will be driven by electric motors. Many sensors and special software will determine when and how to move it in space.

  An adjustable splitter can rotate, bend, move up and down. Each of these changes could make different changes to the airflow under the vehicle. The most obvious function of the splitter is to increase downforce, in order to lower the front of the car lower to the road. This technology can also counteract the effect of lifting at high speeds.

  In addition, the ability to tilt allows the adjustable splitter to change the air flow from side to side, to influence the car’s handling.

  As with any patent, there are no guarantees that this technology can be put into production. Nevertheless, General Motors is clearly interested in active aerodynamics – previously several patents were filed for various implementations of this system.

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