New Chevrolet Corvette pitched the day after purchase

New Chevrolet Corvette pitched the day after purchase

April 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A resident of the state of Florida, USA, complained of an incredible failure. On April 2, he boasted on his Facebook photo of the just-bought Chevrolet Corvette C8, and the very next day on the same page he posted a picture of a broken supercar.

According to the owner, the old Hyundai Accent crashed into it, which made a wrong maneuver on the road. The driver of the Korean car was drunk, so at the scene of the accident he was immediately detained by a police patrol.

Of the good – damage to a supercar does not look fatal to him, however, the damage was significant. Most likely, the car will be restored, but it is possible that after what happened it will be written off for an auction of “cue ball”.

“I have minor head injuries, and the man who was traveling with me broke his fingers. Fortunately, the car is insured, so the damage can be covered,” said the owner of the sports car.

The Chevrolet Corvette C8 is the first mid-engined Corvette in history. A new generation car went on sale just a month ago, its minimum price in the US is $ 60,000. The basic equipment of the sports car includes automatic climate control, rear parking sensors, Bose audio system, an 8-inch є screen infotainment system with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a 12-inch digital instrument panel and LED headlights.