New Chevrolet Corvette has a “flying” mode

New Chevrolet Corvette has a “flying” mode

February 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new generation Chevrolet Corvette has got a “flying” mode of the traction control system, activated in the event of separation of all 4 wheels from the ground.

According to Detroit Free Press, in the new Corvette, the stabilization system can not only determine the loss of traction of the supercar tires with the road surface, but also understand when the car comes off the ground and soars in the air. In this case, the system properly adjusts the distribution of torque on the wheels. The fact is that the traction control system usually slows down wheels that lack traction – for example, on snow, ice or in rain.

But this is not exactly what is needed on the racetrack, when every second is significant. “Flying” mode in the Chevrolet Corvette is needed just for such cases. Adaptive shock absorbers Magnetic Ride Control allow the traction control system to understand when the wheels are off the ground and, instead of applying the brakes, allows them to continue to rotate at the same speed.

This feature is unlikely to be very popular, but those who use their own Corvette for track days are likely to appreciate it.