New brand NeuWai will surprise with engineering

New brand NeuWai will surprise with engineering

March 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Korean company Songuo Motors unveiled the first models of the new NeuWai brand at the Seoul Motor Show. The lineup includes a passenger car, compact truck and crossover. The manufacturer promises innovative materials, advanced technology, electrical and alternative power plants.

“NeuWai is more than just a new brand,” says Tim Shin, general manager of Songuo Motors, who brings a new business model, new materials and a new production strategy to the automotive industry. The brand considers engineering to be its strong point: the company has remained dissatisfied with the quality of traditional materials and the patented molding system of color composite body panels with a glossy surface. This allowed us to achieve color consistency without additional painting. The material obtained is suitable for recycling. Doors made from it do not sag and do not bend. In addition, it is sufficiently elastic and durable. Another feature of the NeuWai is the use of a space frame instead of a bearing body.

As power plants for the NeuWai model, AC motors with a power efficiency ratio of 93 percent, gasoline engines and units with a liquid propane injection system are used.

The main production of NeuWai will be located in the National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, China. The brand’s lineup will consist of a coupe, a four-door subcompact, a car with a modular body structure, a compact SUV, and a plain pickup truck. Production of the first model will begin in 12 months.