New brand NeuWai presented incredible models in Seoul

New brand NeuWai presented incredible models in Seoul

March 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In total, the company introduced 12 concepts that will soon become mass-produced cars. The lineup includes a passenger car, compact truck and crossover. The manufacturer promises innovative materials, advanced technology, electrical and alternative power plants.

The new brand NeuWai from the Korean company Songuo Motors will try to enter the modern market with innovative models. As part of the exhibition held in Seoul, 12 new models were presented, most likely part of the keycar segment with a body length of up to four meters. As the general director of Songuo Motors Tim Shin noted, the new brand will introduce the world to an innovative approach to the automotive business, model production, and the use of materials for them.

The main focus of NeuWai will be on the engineering side of building a car. Already we can note the feature of all cars – the factory formation of composite body parts with a constant color. In other words, the company got rid of the need to pre-paint cars.

 Moreover, the new composite material is fully suitable for recycling, significantly reduces the weight of the car, quite elastic and durable. The basis is a spatial frame, rather than a bearing body, which also increases safety.

As power plants for the NeuWai model, AC motors with a power efficiency ratio of 93 percent, gasoline engines and units with a liquid propane injection system are used.