New BMW M4 GTS gets incredible exhaust

New BMW M4 GTS gets incredible exhaust

September 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The next-generation BMW M4 has been hitting spy camera lenses quite often lately, which means its premiere is just around the corner. Like the standard 4 Series model, the M4 will get the notorious massive grille, and from the latest shots, the rear will be as intimidating as the front.

What exactly is under the hood of the BMW M4 is still a mystery. It is expected to house a 3.0-liter inline-six twin-turbocharged engine with 480 horsepower as base and 510 horsepower in the Competition version. The BMW M4 Competition should be the most powerful model at launch, but faster versions will follow. And now there is evidence of this.

A new spy shot posted by DiddyF30 on Instagram shows what appears to be a brand new variant of the M4 GTS. The GTS was the most extreme variant of the previous generation M4. The latest M4 GTS featured a massive rear wing, a roll cage on European models, a boosted engine with water injection, low weight and gold wheels.

At this point, it’s safe to say that this latest spy shot shows a more extreme version of the upcoming M4 with a tall rear spoiler. It’s smaller than the previous M4 GTS, but larger than what we’ve seen in previous spy shots of the model.

This M4 GTS test mule also has a completely different release configuration than any other M4 we’ve seen before. The four tailpipes are folded in the center of the rear bumper into a unique shape that looks like these tailpipes are not installed on a Bavarian model, but on a Lexus RC F. They look pretty epic.

The latest M4 GTS put out 493bhp, well above the 425bhp standard car. If the situation continues to develop in the same direction, the new model could produce about 600 hp. No other details are known about this next-gen M4 GTS, and it is likely still a long way off to an official debut.

The BMW M4 has already drew criticism for its massive grille. If this rear-end shot is any prediction of what the next GTS might look like, then the “charged Bavarian” could polarize the view “from all angles.”