New BMW iNEXT gains range of up to 580 kilometers

New BMW iNEXT gains range of up to 580 kilometers

October 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new all-electric BMW iNEXT SUV will have a range of up to 580 km according to WLTP.

The upcoming all-electric BMW iNEXT SUV focuses on the 580 km range without recharging via WLTP. The iNEXT was first presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2018 in conceptual form, and when it reaches the UK in 2021, it will become the technology benchmark for the brand with zero emissions, “i”, competing with the Audi e-tron.

An exclusive image demonstrates what the production BMW iNEXT might look like. The novelty will be based on the Vision iNEXT concept car, albeit with some design changes. It is most noticeable that the rear doors of the crossover will be replaced with conventional ones, and the front part will receive a reduced radiator grill and air intakes.

The missing B-shaped stand of the concept will be restored, and the cameras installed on the wing will be replaced by ordinary rear-view mirrors. Nevertheless, the concept’s thin LED headlights and a hinged panoramic windshield look as if they would be accurately transferred to the production version.

Over the past year, BMW has released many official teaser images that document the iNEXT testing program. During the winter tests of BMW, the limitations of an all-wheel drive SUV system were investigated and it was found out how cold weather affects the efficiency of the electric motor and the charging characteristics of the battery.

BMW has not yet disclosed full information about the performance of the iNEXT power plant, but has previously discussed the possibilities of a new generation electric drive and platform. INEXT will be one of the first cars on the new “common platform” BMW, capable of supporting gasoline, diesel, hybrid and all-electric powertrains.

Despite this, iNEXT will only be offered as an electric vehicle, with a likely maximum battery size of 120 kWh. Robert Irlinger, head of the BMW i division, said the SUV was designed as a “car for everyday use,” which will provide buyers with the X5 plug-in hybrid that can move to full electrification.