New BMW i4 to lead production of six new electric cars

New BMW i4 to lead production of six new electric cars

November 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The all-new all-electric BMW i4 boasts a range of around 600 km and exclusive images show how it might look.

BMW sees potential profit in the new iX3, but ultimately the electric car market for battery-powered SUVs is growing in popularity. However, the company’s next steps to expand its electric vehicle lineup will be far more risky because we know there are six new electric BMWs on the horizon. These will include all-new models and electric versions of the company’s favorites, part of BMW’s pledge to launch 12 new electric vehicles by 2025.

A key element of the revamped i-line from 2021 will be a four-door, all-electric coupe, conceived as a counterpart to the i-division of the new 4-Series and M4: the BMW i4. While it won’t compete directly with the Tesla Model 3 (the electric 3-Series will do it), the newcomer will serve as a more stylish alternative to the popular American electric car and the upcoming electric 3-Series.

The new BMW i4 will be based on the i4 concept unveiled earlier this year, which at the time was described as “roughly 85 percent of the final car,” and these exclusive images give an idea of ​​what the production-ready i4 would look like. BMW will try to carry some of the 4-Series DNA into the i4 in the form of large but closed twin grilles dominating the front end, hinting at an all-electric powerplant.

The new i4 four-door sedan will use what BMW calls the fifth-generation electric drive technology that debuted in the new iX3, but it is in the i4 that it will come to the fore. Compared to older electrified BMWs, models with the latest technology will benefit from a new electric motor and transmission that is lighter and more compact, which is a plus for efficiency and sleek packaging. BMW has also focused on reducing the amount of cobalt in the battery and electric motor.

However, energy density is one area where the company has made great strides. The iX3 battery has approximately 20% more capacity for its physical size compared to the previous generation BMW batteries. The manufacturer says the new system will support an electric vehicle capable of driving 700 km on a single charge, but the i4 has a 600 km range planned.

The i4 will be followed in 2021 by a new electric SUV, the iNEXT, or iX, which will lead BMW’s lineup. It will be the size of the X5, but with a low X6 roofline and comparable interior space to the X7. The Bavarian company has also confirmed it will add a small electric SUV to its lineup in the form of the iX1. It will most likely appear in 2022 as part of the next generation X1 lineup.