New BMW 4-Series Convertible Pass Winter Road Tests

New BMW 4-Series Convertible Pass Winter Road Tests

February 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Despite the fact that cars with an open top is a summer transport, operation in the winter is also allowed due to a lifting roof. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Bavarians decided to conduct winter tests of the new convertible.

Photospies do not sleep even in winter. This time, new photos of the new BMW 4-Series convertible appeared on the Web. The car is still in a dense camouflage, but it was possible to consider some details and features. The photo clearly shows the trapezoid style exhaust tips from the BMW 6-Series, multi-spoke wheels, as well as a soft roof.

Despite the imminent debut (may be this summer), the company still keeps secret any details. But experts are confident that the model will receive the design of the front part in the style of the new “three”, and the salon will be completely borrowed from it. Therefore, inside you can find similar seats, multimedia, digital dashboard and multifunctional steering wheel.

As the power unit will be offered line from the same BMW 3-Series. Therefore, we expect turbocharged inline engines on four and six cylinders. After the presentation of the model, it is possible the appearance of a version with a “soft” hybrid, as well as “charged” modifications.

Date of premiere of the new BMW 4-Series is not known. There is confidence that the sale can begin before the end of this year.