New BMW 2-Series M Performance spotted at the Nurburgring

New BMW 2-Series M Performance spotted at the Nurburgring

September 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The updated BMW 2-Series coupe was again caught by photo spies, this time during tests on the famous race track.

There are many faster and more powerful BMWs out there, but none came as close to the Ultimate Driving Machine ideal as the 2 Series Coupé. As cars get bigger and heavier, the BMW 2 Series remains a popular choice for fans looking for an agile and compact sports car. Fortunately, the next generation model will stick to a rear-wheel drive layout.

The updated model has previously hit the lenses of spy cameras, but was first seen at the Nurburgring. While the coupe looks almost production-ready, as the prototype appears to have final versions of body panels, headlights and even a sunroof, there is no official premiere anytime soon.

This is not just a 2 Series, but most likely an M Performance version, as evidenced by the angular exhaust tips and silver mirror caps. The stiffer suspension, larger wheels and massive brake calipers also indicate that we are dealing with an M240i with a subtle spoiler at the rear.

It’s worth noting that the production model will lack a roll cage, unless BMW is preparing some sort of track-oriented M2 CSL. At launch, the derivative M Performance version will be at the top of the range until the new M2 arrives. These two variants will be the only modifications to the 2 Series to get a turbocharged inline-six, while the smaller versions will rely on a four-cylinder.

The world premiere of the next 2 Series coupe will likely take place sometime in 2021. According to preliminary information, the version with a retractable roof will not be updated due to a drop in demand for convertibles. For the same reason Mercedes-Benz ditched the SLC, but if you really want a small BMW convertible, then the Z4 is the way to go.