New Audi will use a supercomputer

New Audi will use a supercomputer

August 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Ingolstadt-based company promises more flexibility with a much smarter system.

As automakers rapidly advance technology and innovation, new cars become even more sophisticated. In order to make it easier for advanced components such as powertrain, chassis and safety systems to work together, the next generation of Audi vehicles will be much more intelligent.

The German company has shown plans to introduce a much more advanced computer called the Integrated Vehicle Dynamics computer, which functions as the central vehicle for the vehicle’s dynamic systems. Audi’s new central computer system is ten times more powerful than current models and can control up to 90 different systems, depending on the vehicle’s application.

The new computer will find its place in the entire Audi lineup. Everything from the compact A3 to the full-size Q8 SUV, including the all-electric E-Tron, will get futuristic equipment. According to Audi, this speaks to the versatility of the dynamic computer, as it is designed to work with vehicles of any performance threshold.

In Audi electric vehicles, the computer will monitor and control critical systems like brake recuperation, which accounts for up to 30% of the battery’s potential range. In RS models, cunning systems such as anti-roll bar and active suspension will also rely on a supercomputer. It also means that chassis and powertrain controls will be housed in a single unit for the first time – which Audi says will bring greater comfort and performance to its vehicles.

Audi did not specify when the switch to new dynamic computers will be included in its product line, but it does know that the component is ready for mass production, which means it will happen soon. It doesn’t really matter to the driver and how he interacts with the car, but it is one of several recent Audi announcements that further inspire us with regard to future models of the brand.