New Audi TT can be a four-door

New Audi TT can be a four-door

November 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Two-door Audi TT cease to be in demand, and the company is ready to go for drastic measures.

Rumors about the four-door coupe Audi TT Sportback go since then, as the eponymous concept was shown at the Paris Motor Show in 2014. Work on the new model was discontinued due to a lack of money caused by dieselgate (a scandal erupted around the cleanliness of the exhaust of Volkswagen diesel engines). Now that the corporation’s financial position has stabilized, the four-door coupe’s drawings seem to have been taken out of the desk drawer.

It was originally planned that the TT coupe will be produced in three versions: a two-door coupe, a coupe-convertible and a four-door coupe. But, judging by the rumors that have come down to us, the new generation of the coupe will be exclusively a four-door.

The fact is that TT sales have declined sharply in recent years. If ten years ago almost 40,000 TT coupes were sold in Europe a year, then last year they sold a little more than 16,000 units. Classic coupes are being squeezed out of the market by more practical, but no less stylish four-door coupes.

The basis for the new generation Audi TT will be the updated MQB platform, and the dimensions of the TT Sportback should be the same as the concept in the photos. As the engine, most likely, will choose a hybrid power plant. What you can not vouch for is the appearance of the car. Its design should be unified with the family appearance, which other representatives of the Audi model range possess.