New Audi SQ2 received the official price tag

New Audi SQ2 received the official price tag

December 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Audi has introduced a new cross-SQ2 on the market. In a press release, it was separately noted about unprecedented performance and the brightest design among classmates. The price starts from 44,500 euros

Are you ready to give 3 355 000 euros for a car with a capacity of 300 horsepower? And if this will be a new crossover from Audi with an index SQ2? The company from Ingolstadt published a press release of the new SQ2, while opening the configurator for pre-orders. The cost of the cheapest version starts at 44,500 euros, but for this price, the company promises “unprecedented performance and the brightest design” among the crossovers in this segment.

The launch of SQ2 roughly coincides with the launch of the Kodiaq RS, and this is quite logical – both models were presented at the Paris Auto Show. But there is a significant nuance – Audi was cheaper by 5,500 euros and more powerful by 60 horsepower. Skoda RS is offered with a diesel turbodiesel with a capacity of 240 forces and a price tag of 50,000 euros.

Audi SQ2 is equipped with a petrol 2.0-liter turbo engine capable of developing up to 300 horsepower. But using the configurator and adding the MMI brand multimedia, combined with a virtual dashboard, 19-inch alloy wheels, and the carbon package, we easily added another 5,000 euros to the price tag.