New anti-theft technology from Volkswagen developed

New anti-theft technology from Volkswagen developed

August 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen experts, in collaboration with NXP experts, use ultra-wideband radio to protect their cars from theft.

The Dutch company NXP, founded by Philips and engaged in the production of chips for car ignition keys, together with the German concern Volkswagen Group, are working on a new technology called Ultra Wideband.

According to the German magazine Com! Professional ”, an innovative radio transmitter scheme should solve the problem of signal interception in contactless access systems in a car. It is planned to test the technology at the concept car, in which ultra-wideband radio communication is used to unlock. The study showed that modern hacking scenarios, such as amplification of the signal from the radio key, in the Ultra Wideband will no longer work.

The Ultra Wideband system can subsequently receive additional functions based on geo-positioning. So, in the future, the car trunk will open if the driver with the key is standing next to him, and the airbags are deactivated when a child seat is installed. According to NXP engineers, the error in this case is no more than a couple of cm, and third-party manipulations and interventions in such a scheme are impossible.