New Alpina B3 unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show

New Alpina B3 unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show

October 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new generation of models based on the BMW 3-Series received upgraded engines and suspension.

Following the Touring-based station wagon, which debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show last month, Alpina unveiled a sedan version of its new performance-oriented B3 Biturbo, based on the BMW 3-Series G20 generation. The all-wheel drive B3 uses a redesigned version of the BMW 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged gasoline engine with an efficient cooling system that delivers 462 horsepower. and a torque of 516 Nm. The novelty accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds, and, according to Alpina, the maximum speed is 303 km / h.

The previous B3 produced 404 hp. in standard form and 433 hp in the S spec, while the BMW M340i Touring delivers 369 hp. With the upcoming M3, power rising to over 500 bhp. in the highest specification, this leaves room for Alpina features.

As with all previous Alpina models, the B3 gets a custom-made suspension aimed at improving driving comfort compared to the standard 3-Series, but with adaptive shock absorbers that allow more precise control of the body with one click of a switch. The 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox has been retuned for faster response and shorter shift times, while the xDrive all-wheel drive system and BMW limited slip differential have been tuned to work with the upgraded transmission.

The B3 also gets a number of visual differences from the 3-Series Touring. Along with Alpina’s signature multi-spoke wheels, available in 19-inch or forged 20-inch designs, it also features a more aggressive body kit and a four-seater exhaust. The interior also receives improvements, new upholstery and brand badges.

Order tables open in early 2020, with first deliveries expected next summer. Alpina has been modifying, developing and partially assembling its own models of fast BMW cars for several decades and is closely associated with the brand. Its latest models, such as the B5 and B7, are actually ahead of BMW’s own variants in the market, which is what the new B3 expects.

It was originally supposed that the new BMW M3 will be shown first, but now it is not. In a speech at the Tokyo Motor Show, Alpina President Andreas Bovensipen said 2020 will be “very busy” for the brand. Along with the launch of the new B3, the company plans to introduce more diesel models, update its current offer and launch a completely new model.