New airbags will get the shape of a baseball glove

New airbags will get the shape of a baseball glove

August 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The tests of the next generation airbags were successful: they will appear in the cars next year.

Airbags are designed to save people in the car during an accident. However, recent studies have shown that current airbags with one inflatable compartment are often useless (and even harmful) with frontal angles. It happens that in such an accident the front passenger’s head turns too sharply or slides off the airbag — this threatens a neck fracture. In order to solve this problem, they came up with 4-section airbags.

Since 2020, the so-called “new generation” airbags will be installed in Honda cars in the United States. They are designed for the front passenger. This is a joint development of the American division of Honda and the Swedish company Autoliv, which is engaged in the automotive components responsible for safety.

The difference between the new airbags is that they consist of four main components: of them three inflatable compartments (central and two side), as well as the so-called “sailing panel”, which unfolds between the two side walls of the pillow. This “sail” not only slows down the movement of the head of the passenger, but also makes the side parts stretch inward, which ultimately reduces the likelihood of serious injuries. The design, in fact, resembles a baseball glove.

So far, the manufacturer has only reported that cars with three-chamber airbags will be sold in the United States next year. What models will be the first to receive the novelty is not reported. There is no information that new airbags will appear on brand cars in other countries.

Note that previously Honda was one of the largest customers of Takata. The very company whose pillows were recognized dangerous several years ago due to the fact that they could “shoot” parts at people in the cabin. Due to this defect, many automakers still recall their cars and make repairs at their own expense. So, in the USA alone, nearly 13 million Honda and Acura cars were recalled. In addition, the Japanese company had to confirm 14 deaths and more than 200 injuries that occurred due to malfunctioning pillows.

Apparently, including due to problems with faulty airbags, Honda decided to create its own airbags. According to, the Japanese and Swedish partners spent about four years on the project. Other manufacturers will be able to use this design, but, however, after the exclusive rights have ended at Honda.

At the beginning of this month, it became known that the knee pillows were considered dangerous. The study was conducted by the US Highway Safety Insurance Institute (IIHS). So, for example, in a frontal collision because of them, the risk of injury to the lower leg and right femur increases.