Nembo 32: upside-down motorcycle ready for production

Nembo 32: upside-down motorcycle ready for production

January 31, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In motostroenii manufacturers try to adhere to some standards, but sometimes there are really fancy motorcycles. Each motorcycle has two wheels and an engine, a frame, a fuel tank, a steering wheel, a drive and so on. If something is missing or the design is different, then the new concept immediately attracts attention. Nembo challenged one of the standards when it presented draft 32, a prototype with an inverted motor.

In 2010, we first learned about the Nembo project, and in 2013, the developers presented the finished prototype of the Nembo 32. Since then, there has been no news. It turns out that all this time the bike was tested on the track and improved. An inverted engine is the most unusual part of a motorcycle: the cylinders are lowered and the crankshaft is located on top. It would seem that such a construction adversely affects the center of mass, but Nembo engineers say that they wanted to concentrate the masses at one point!

The three-cylinder 1995-cc engine produces about 200 hp. power and 215 Nm of torque. Motorcycle dry weight: 160 kg. Other features: kit in the style of a cafe racer; elongated pendulum.

Nembo entered Indiegogo to raise funds for production. According to the news, a finished motorcycle will cost approximately $ 68,000. Deliveries are scheduled no earlier than December 2020.