Neil Degrass Tyson explained how to hold fair competition for Tesla and Ford pickups

Neil Degrass Tyson explained how to hold fair competition for Tesla and Ford pickups

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The astrophysicist and popularizer of science told why Tesla cheated and how to arrange a duel according to all the rules, and Ilon Mask convinced of this. Alas, Ford management now refuses, calling any such competition “absurd”.

One of the PR stunts at the presentation of the Tesla pickup truck – tug of war with the participation of Ford A-150’s main rival – quickly turned into a farce at the very moment when the intervention of science popularizer Neil Degrass Tyson made it possible to formulate fair rules for such a duel. Unfortunately, now the second side refuses to participate – Ford, where just a day ago they were violently indignant at the approach of Ilon Mask and offered to hold the competition according to the rules.

It all started with Twitter of Tesla founder Ilon Mask, where he posted a spectacular demonstration of the capabilities of Cybertruck, which easily pulled the F-150 while riding uphill.

He accompanied the same video at the pickup presentation with a remark: “You really need a really cool pickup, not a cool one.”

 After that, there on Twitter, the head of the future Ford X mobility laboratory, Sunny Mandra, proposed a “fair test”. “Go ahead,” Ilon answered.

Observers decided that Mandra was proposing to put an electric prototype F-150 against Cybertruck. In the summer, in front of the amazed owners of the ICE version, the car towed cars weighing 570 tons. And the duel in weight would be more fair.

After that, Ford joined the well-known popularizer of science, astrophysicist Neil Degrass Tyson. In a dialogue with Musk, he pointed out that the electric car has enough tire grip to pull the lighter F-150. The electric pickup, due to the placement of batteries in the floor and the motor in the rear axle, accounts for a significant part of the weight. And in a car with ICE, the rear is much lighter. And no matter what the torque (and it is “crazy” in electric cars, Mask put in), he was not tested at all in this duel.

 “Load both pickups to the eyeballs – then it will be a race in torque,” ​​said Degrass Tyson. “I agree, we will do so,” Musk replied. “Probably next week.”

However, he noted, “If we fully load both trucks, the electric one will still win. Physics is the law, the rest is a recommendation. ”

It would seem that at this moment Ford bosses should enter with a proposal to expose their electric prototype. However, in reality it turned out differently.

The press service of the concern said that there would be no official duel. And Mandra from Ford X expressed his personal opinion and did not agree on the rules of the fight, but only emphasized its absurdity. “Our pickup truck has been the best-selling in America for 42 years, and we always strive to serve our customers regardless of what others say or do. We look forward to our new hybrid F-150, which will appear next year, and the all-electric F-150 in a few years. ”

Electrek notes that Elon Musk is likely to arrange a Cybertruck duel with the serial F-150 anyway – and Ford’s leadership position only brings Tesla’s PR victory closer.

By the time it enters the market, Cybertruck will not be the only offer for those who want to buy an EV pickup: GM is preparing its answer, as well as an ambitious startup Rivian.