Negotiations on the Grand Prix of Spain continues

Negotiations on the Grand Prix of Spain continues

May 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This year the contract for holding the Grand Prix of Spain expires, there are rumors that next year this race will be replaced by a stage in the Netherlands. However, the Spaniards want to keep the stage – the chairman of the government of Catalonia, Kim Torra, said that negotiations would continue.

Kim Torr: “I already talked to Chase Carey in March, we met again last Sunday. Catalonia is an autosport region. We want to hold the race, we have an excellent infrastructure, and she likes many racers, and our people want to save the Grand Prix.

In addition, this race is economically important. The Grand Prix creates 3,000 jobs and brings the region an income of 340 million euros.

We started the negotiations with the hope and confidence that they will successfully complete, and Formula 1 will remain in our region. We want this. Autodrome in Barcelona is used not only in the days of the Grand Prix. During the year more than 500,000 spectators visit it – something is constantly happening here.

We have a good relationship with Chase Carey, we continue to discuss the new contract. We want to hold the Grand Prix, and I already told him that the government of Catalonia supports this project. Our first meeting in March was held in a positive atmosphere, and yesterday we briefly exchanged views. We are satisfied with the cooperation, and I will repeat – our country still needs Formula 1 “.