NASCAR racers have a fight after the race

NASCAR racers have a fight after the race

May 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The race Monster Energy series, which is held as part of NASCAR, ended with a brawl pilots. Already during the lap of honor, Ryan Newman undercut Clint Boyer’s car, which was driving into the pits. As a result, the latter pounced with fists on an opponent who was in the car.

The skirmish was stopped after the intervention of official representatives of NASCAR. The incident video has already hit YouTube. Further clarification of the relationship between the riders continued in the pits. What sanctions are awaiting the parties to the incident is still unknown.

“He fell behind, we lost the position. He drove into my left rear tire, and I never saw him again. And after the race, he again hit me from behind and spun. Where I come from, for such a give in the nose “

In turn, Newman considers himself not to blame for the incident. According to him, Boyer first provoked a collision on the track. The driver stressed that his opponent should be “ashamed of what happened.”