Narain Kartikeyan wins Sunday’s “Dream Race” in Fuji

Narain Kartikeyan wins Sunday’s “Dream Race” in Fuji

November 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Former Formula 1 driver Narain Kartikeyan won the chaotic second race of the joint stage of DTM and SuperGT in Fuji.

The Indian, representing the Japanese body series, started from the first row and overtook the owner of the pole, Loic Duval, in the second round. Up to the pit stop on the 16th lap Kartikeyan controlled the course of the race. For a short while, he lost the leadership to Benoit Trelouillet, who stopped in the pits at the first of three trips of a safety car, which was associated with a puncture at Duval’s wheel. After Trelouillet held a mandatory pit stop, Kartikeyan again came out on top. True, on the way to victory, he had to withstand two more restarts – the second safety car left after a tire puncture at Rene Rast, and the third appeared due to debris on the track. Moreover, the last restart was given in the final round.

The main struggle in the last kilometers of the race unfolded behind the leader’s back between Duval and Wittmann. Two DTM racers fought side by side until the last corner. Duvall won this duel, but was fined for leaving the track, so Wittmann got the second place. Well, Kartikeyan confidently finished first and won his first victory since October 2013, when he won the AutoGP series race in Brno.

SuperGT Naoki Yamamoto finished fourth, while Kamui Kobayashi, piloting the BMW DTM, was fifth. Also in the top ten, three more riders on cars of the German body series finished: Mike Rockenfeller became seventh, Rene Rast took ninth place, and Benoit Trelouillet finished the tenth. Alex Zanardi at BMW was 13th.