Named TOP-5 safest BMW cars

Named TOP-5 safest BMW cars

April 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The study was conducted by recognized organizations “IIHS” and “EuroNCAP”. Cars were evaluated not only for safety for drivers and passengers, but also for pedestrians.

BMW cars have long been a sign of quality. At the same time, they are considered among the best not only in terms of technical characteristics and reliability, but also in matters of security. Specialists of the organizations “IIHS” and “EuroNCAP” conducted tests on the safety of cars from the BMW model range, on the basis of which the experts named the best. First place in the ranking took BMW 5-Series. This car has excellent frontal protection and increased durability of the body, and the system of electronic assistants helps to maintain the correct distance and warns about the presence of road signs.

Next in the rankings are located crossovers – the experts gave the second place to the models X1 and X2, and immediately followed by more dimensional X3 and X4.

In the middle of the rankings are sedans and coupes, including the legendary BMW 3-Series, as well as 2-series and 6-series cars. Toward the end of the rating, the experts put the electric car “i3” and the roadster “Z4”. The new BMW of the 7th series closes the rating – however, it’s not a matter of bad security. Just for this model has not been conducted long tests.