Named the quietest electric car

Named the quietest electric car

January 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the popular German video blogger, today Audi E-tron has the best sound insulation among electric cars.

Everyone knows that one of the advantages of electric cars is their almost complete noiselessness compared to cars on the engine. This quality of electric cars is almost the first to be noticed by their owners, who are transferring from a traditional car to an electrified one.

It’s hard not to notice that your car does not rumble with an engine and does not vibrate with the whole body. It is quiet, great music sounds and you can have a quiet conversation, without raising the voice.

However, due to the lack of familiar sounds made by a noisy engine, after some time the owners of electric cars begin to recognize other sounds in their cars. Now they can hear the noise of various components and assemblies, the rustling of tires, the hum of an electric motor with its pulsation of variable magnetic fields and air currents inside the case.

Very soon, if the electric car is not equipped with good sound insulation, it also starts to annoy. According to the popular German car video blogger with the nickname Autogef├╝hl, conducting video reviews of various cars, today Audi e-tron has one of the best sound insulation among electric cars.

According to Autogef├╝hl, the German manufacturer managed to make its electric car incredibly quiet. Moreover, this “silence” remains with him at very high speeds. This significantly distinguishes the Audi e-tron even from the recognized electric cars – Tesla cars.

It turns out that after studying the design of the German electric car, it is clear that Audi has put a lot of effort into awarding the e-tron with excellent sound insulation. This was achieved, first of all, through the use of constructive tricks that made it possible to separate the cabin from the sounds of the rest of the car, and specifically from the engine and wheels.