Named the premiere date of the first crossover Mercedes-Maybach

Named the premiere date of the first crossover Mercedes-Maybach

November 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The official premiere will be held in China at an exhibition in Guangzhou.

It was five years ago when Daimler showed the current generation Mercedes-Maybach S-Class at Auto Guangzhou, and at the end of this month it will use the same stage to unpack Maybach GLS. Don’t be confused with the strange-shaped Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury 2018 concept, which was also shown at the auto show in China, the Maybach GLS will be a prestigious option for an already beautiful full-size SUV.

He was seen more than once during testing with a minimal amount of camouflage, so we did not hold our breath for any unexpected surprises with the appearance. The real magic will be inside where Mercedes-Maybach will strike at its best leather and plush finish to prove a possible cost of $ 200,000. The prestigious GLS will be the most expensive model built in the US, since an SUV built in Alabama is likely to overthrow the NSX for $ 157,000.

Daimler does not disclose information, but promises that we will receive “the latest technology, incredible comfort and Maybach design philosophy that give the car the distinctive features of Maybach luxury” from the new top-end car. The press release goes on to say that it will provide “a lot of room for first-class front and rear compartments,” which was likely based on the large size of the GLS.

There is also no information whether there was an extension of the wheelbase to increase the free legroom at the back, as was done in the special version of the Landaulet S-Class and G-Class. Nevertheless, the prototypes with the minimum amount of camouflage that we discovered might have been of standard size, so there is a rather low chance that the distance between the two axes will be increased in the Maybach model. As a side note, the Maybach S650 Cabriolet’s limited mileage also carried the standard two-door S wheelbase.

It is expected that the prestigious Maybach will receive a two-row layout to give more rear legroom, while buyers, as they say, will have to choose between a bench and two separate seats. The interior will even have a fragrance for an SUV, which Mercedes describes as follows: “The white color of osmanthus, floral and light, is rounded off with a delicate leather note and spicy tea. This elegant blend lies on a bed of natural greenery. ”

After November 21, Auto Guangzhou Maybach GLS is expected to be available in 2020.