Named the possible cost of the new Cadillac Celestiq

Named the possible cost of the new Cadillac Celestiq

March 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

If the information is confirmed, then Celestiq may become the most expensive car in the history of the brand.

During the big presentation that General Motors held for the media last week, the new Cadiilac Celestiq electric sedan was introduced. Journalists were able to evaluate the appearance, as well as get acquainted with some characteristics of the new items. However, the issue of cost was not voiced. However, one of the journalists of the Wall Street Journal, citing the head of Cadillac, said that the starting price of the new Celestiq could reach $ 200,000.

If this information is confirmed, then the car will become the most expensive in the history of the brand. Only a limousine for the president, as well as some isolated versions, were more expensive than this mark. By the way, Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, which was released in 1957 and was limited to a small print run, cost $ 13,074. If we try to transfer this value to “today’s” money, then we will get the figure of 120,000 dollars.

Recall that Cadillac built a modular platform, which was created specifically for electric cars. Celestiq will be the debut for the brand.

 At the event, photography and video were prohibited, so you should rely only on the words of journalists. According to many, the car has a futuristic design without rear-view mirrors and with camouflaged door handles. It is expected that the production of the model will begin in mid-2020.