Named the most useful automotive technology in 2019

Named the most useful automotive technology in 2019

November 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Modern cars are literally crammed with technological features, many of which have existed for a long time, and some have just appeared.

Experts compiled a rating of useful options that were introduced only in 2019, and in the first place, for unknown reasons, were external cameras that exist for several years. However, only in 2019, the American authorities ordered car manufacturers to install at least one camera in their vehicles. In second place was the torque vectorization system, which helps to drive the vehicle and makes driving safer.

Also on the list was a “dead zone” monitoring system with the function of preventing accidental collisions with pedestrians, which the driver did not notice on time. The collision avoidance system has a similar effect. The technology prevents accidents by stopping the car on its own.

The last and more aesthetic automotive technology, which for some reason was attributed to the technologies of 2019, was the function of heating and ventilation of the seats and steering wheel. This development does not affect driving, but makes the trip more comfortable.