Named the most popular colors for compact models of Skoda

Named the most popular colors for compact models of Skoda

April 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

17.4% of brand customers choose Race Blue metallic for Scala, and metallic Quartz Gray is the number one color for Kamiq.

With the advent of the Scala and the Kamiq city SUV, Skoda has significantly upgraded and expanded its range of compact models in 2019. Both companies quickly attracted a large number of fans, and their various target groups naturally have different preferences when it comes to color. Sports metallic Race Blue is a favorite among Scala customers. The Kamiq crossover follows the trends of the European market, where gray cars became leaders for the first time. For the Czech model, the most often chosen shade is Quartz Gray.

The Race Blue color emphasizes the dynamic and emotional design of the Scala and blends perfectly with the black panoramic roof and black rear window of the optional Emotion package. Overall, 17.4% of all Skoda Scala made in 2019 were painted this color. Metallic Quartz Gray took second place with 15.5% who chose it, and Magic-Black Pearl Effect – with 14.7%. Overall, 74.6% of Scala buyers have chosen one of ten offered metallic paint finishes.

Gray shades were very popular among buyers of the first urban Skoda SUV in 2019. With a share of 16.1%, Quartz Gray was the most popular paintwork. Black-Magic Pearl took second place with 13.6%, Moon-White Pearl Effect took third place with 12.2%. The total share of metallic paints was 78.2%.

Thus, the Skoda urban SUV followed the general trend of the European market. According to the global study of the most popular automotive colors, conducted by the Axalta paint manufacturer annually since 1953, gray was the most frequently selected color in Europe for the first time in 2019, where its share was 24%. White moved to second place with a 23% stake. Worldwide, white remains the most popular color for cars – 38% of buyers choose it, and in Asia, white-painted cars account for a total of 49%.

As AutoTimesNews was told, the paintwork of the Skoda car consists of five layers with a total thickness of 0.1 mm. The actual paint layer measures just 20 micrometers (0.02 millimeters). It is applied with the help of robot manipulators as a fourth layer on top of a phosphate layer, a layer with corrosion protection and plastic. The last layer is a 30 micron (0.02 mm) transparent coating that seals the car body in just 37 seconds; ŠKODA AUTO boasts the fastest topcoat system in the entire Volkswagen group. In addition, the new paint line at the main Skoda factory in Mladá Boleslav, which was commissioned in August 2019, is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly of its kind in Europe. This increased the annual coloring in the region by 168,000 to 812,000 units.